Best Pair of Jeans

If you’re looking to buy the best pair of jeans, or if you’re trying to select which jeans styles best represent your style keep these 6 things in mind to make smart style selections. And acquire tones of inspiration.

What to Keep in Mind 

  1. Rise
  2. Wash
  3. Right fit
  4. Fabric
  5. Dress up or Down
  6. Manage Long Life

1. Rise for Best Pair of Jeans

The best rise for you? 

I do want to share a couple of terms that you will come across when you’re shopping for jeans.


High jeans are basically a pair of jeans that sit right on your navel or just above it and region from crotch to waist. Also, It usually measures between 9 to 11 inches. 


Mid rise jeans are a pair of jeans that sits below the navel, crotch to waist level. These are lower 9 inches.  


Low rise jeans are basically a pair of jeans that sits above your hip bone.  

Moreover, Mid-rise jean is an excellent compromise if you can’t decide between the two extremes. You won’t be suffocating in a high-rise or exposed in a low-rise. Almost any top looks good with a mid-rise.  

2. Wash 

The best wash for you? 


Wash means the shade of blue that the jeans are in. So, if it is a Darker wash it will be a darker, darker blue Jean. Also, Dark wash jeans are more formal and dressy as compared to the light wash ones.

Medium wash 

Wash means the shade of blue that the jeans are in. So, if it is Medium wash it will be a medium shade blue Jean.

Light wash 

Wash means the shade of blue that the jeans are in. So, if it is light wash it will be Light Blue.

3. Right Fit for Best Pair of Jeans

How to find the right fit? 

The fit is the key to looking fantastic in jeans. Jeans that fit perfectly will highlight your best features. You’ll seem ragged if your jeans don’t fit well. A perfect fit should be close enough to show off your behind but not too tight to be uncomfortable while standing or bending over.

Waist Size
we often choose a larger size and end up with a bunch of extra fabric sitting around the stomach, which does not look good. A belt can be used to keep it in place, but the bunched up fabric looks messy. It will be tough to sit and button if your waist is too tight. But the best fit will allow you to fit two or three fingers comfortably inside the waistband while still allowing you to wear your jeans without a belt.

The Length

Length is easily one of the most important aspects of your jeans. The right length will range from a complete break to none at all. Complete  breaks have a more traditional appearance, however, no breaks will be more favorable to relaxation and efficacy.

4. Fabric Content for Best Pair of Jeans

Let’s discuss the material. Historically, jeans are made of 100% cotton, which is a decent choice. If you want to enhance your jeans game, too. I strongly advise you to check blends and include one to two percent elastane, which gives the fabric much more stretch than regular cotton, allowing you to move around and wear jeans more comfortably. Accordingly, you are familiar with how to get the best fit for jeans.

5. Dress up or down?

How to I dress jeans up or down? 

  • Jeans are now appropriate both on the beaches and in business meetings.
  • Welch advises choosing distressed updated versions and complementing them with loafers for more casual looks.
  • Moving to heels or sandals and incorporating a belt will dress up a pair.
  • The top you wear instantly impacts how formal attire is. Simple tees and jeans are the ideals for casual wear.
  • A bodysuit or corset can be tucked into some jeans for a night out.
  • Lastly, The style can be instantly improved by layering a blazer or leather jacket.


6. Manage Long Life

How to take care of jeans to make them last? 

  • Firstly, Jeans should be worn more than 10 times before being washed, wash them as little as possible. Jeans should be worn more than 10 times before being washed, wash them as little as possible.
  • Secondly, Keep your jeans fresh by spraying the fabric spray on them and placing them on a chair to release the odor.
  • Thirdly, Never use heat; jeans will lose their shape if you do. Instead, try to wash them in cold water whenever possible.
  • Next, Dry your jeans in the air if possible. When drying your jeans in the air, they may feel crunchy; to get them soft again, dry them on low heat. 
  • Lastly, protect your jeans from fading. Turning your jeans inside out and washing them with a light detergent will help them retain their color and prevent fading for a longer period.

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