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6-Steps Body Care Routine!

Imagine having fresh & glowing skin every time! Omg, you love it and you want that? And, these body care routines in 6 simple steps are easy, quite simple, and also practical steps to make your body fresh and glowy.

So, if you are someone who very occasionally tries on fancy body washes, it is High time to create a body care routine for you. Having a Daily Body Care Routine makes the body healthier and glowy. Moreover, We spend months trying out new products for the face but that is not the only body part to be focused on.

However, the rest of the body is equally extremely important and we must create a routine. Now most of us spend a lot of time doing face care routines and trying a ton of products but we don’t pay attention to the other parts of the body. Although the rest of our body is equally important and we must take care of that as well.

6-Steps: Body Care Routine

1. Dry Brushing
2. Body Scrub
3. Body Wash
4. Shaving
5. Body lotion
6. Perfume

6 Steps for Body Care Routine

1. Dry Brushing

The best time to dry brush all of your body would be just before you step into the shower. Firstly, Start from your toes and go upwards towards your head. Start circulating the brush on your feet and just gradually go upwards. You can easily get a dry brush in your local general store or online on Amazon or Vega.

2. Body Scrub

Ever wonder how to get that perfectly smooth, silky, and moisturized body??

We pay a lot of attention to our face, not to the entire body and it is natural as we think the face is something that one sees at first when you meet someone and that is why we focus more on a face rather than the entire body.

However, it is equally important to take care of the rest of your body as well. And body scrub is also best for your skin. Next is, how to use the body scrub the right way so that you can get the best results. You can use any scrub as per your choice. But I prefer using a coffee scrub. I enjoy using the coffee scrub so much. Coffee helps in exfoliating and removing dead skin cells. Coco oil softens, moisture, and nourishes your skin which is equally important. The homemade scrub is natural and free from harsh chemicals such as SLS, and paraben. It smells amazing

Tips for Scrubbing

  1. Make sure your body is dirt free and wet before applying the scrub. And start scrubbing in a circular motion as it increases blood circulation which is good for the body. It also removes tan from the body, if you use it for a longer period.
  2. You can start with application on the legs and move upward on the entire body gently. Although this body scrub is not harsh at all, you still need to apply it gently and massage it softly.
  3. Once you are done with scrubbing wash it off with Luke’s warm water. Wash off the body scrub with warm water only. Do not use cold water.
  4. Do not overdo it. stick to 1-2 times a week. Otherwise, your skin will become pretty sensitive and I am sure that you don’t want that.
  5. Always apply good body lotion or butter. Also, apply a good amount of body lotion. You can quickly shave after scrubbing too.

3. Body Wash

Using a body wash to clean your skin is the minimum needed you should do! As soon as you step into the shower, you need to apply early good shower gel. Have a body wash that helps to get rid of dead skin cells on your body and gives you nice nude skin. You can try on fruity fragrances.

If using a body wash after taking a shower makes your skin feel tight and dry, it’s too harsh for you. You might be allergic to your new body wash if you experience itching after using it. As a result, it is critical to have access to a natural and chemical-free facewash, as well as an SLS-free body wash. I  understand how difficult it is to find an SLS-free body wash, but these are better for your skin in the long run! The natural ph balance of your skin can be disturbed by SLS!

4. Shaving

Now, shaving is not a must in your body care routine. It’s up to your personal preference. If you would like to shave, make sure you cleanse and exfoliate your skin first! As a result, acne won’t appear or the hairs won’t grow back in the incorrect direction

Always follow the direction in which the hair grows when shaving. Ingrown hairs and even folliculitis can result from going the other way. It is advised to use shaving cream to minimize hair damage to follicles.

How to Shave

Wet the desired shaving area with warm water, apply the foam and use the shaver upward. Use the razor in the opposite direction. But in the case of underarms shave upward and downward as the hair growth is all over the area. Also, make sure the face of the razor is flexible so it doesn’t go harsh on the skin. Like knees, ankles, elbows, and underarms. Also, make sure you do not apply pressure on the razor and also do not go too easy on it too. You have to shave your body too lightly.

Yes, it is quite simple, but still, need to take care of certain things before shave that is mentioned next!

Tips for Shaving

How to avoid razor cuts and burn and ingrown hair and the answer to all of that is shaving the right way. If you shave the right way, nothing wrong will gonna happen to you.

  1. Use a razor that is meant for a woman.
  2. Use Shavings foam. You can use a natural soap, shower gel, or conditioner to make leather. However, I would suggest buying shaving foam as it is a good purchase. The benefit is it is a great barrier between skin and razor. The skin does not end up getting razor cut and burn.
  3. Rinse your razor after every use. Once you are done with shaving rinse off the razor and get rid of all the excess that is on the razor. It is Always Better to shave in the shower.
  4. Next is moisturizing, moisturizing is super important for healthy skin. It is the most important step that you should not miss while shaving. It helps in closing the open pores and acts as a barrier for the dust to your skin. You can use boy’s butter too, but you have to moisture it.

5. A Body Lotion

This is one of the most important steps in this order for the skin-care routine!

You need to moisturize your body every day to get fresh and smooth skin. The best time to apply body lotion is when your body is slightly wet, not completely towel dry. It absorbs better into the skin. Apply a good amount of lotion on the naked body rather than applying the lotion on the visible area of the body after wearing clothes.

6. Apply a Perfume / Body Mist / Roll-on

I am a big fan of travel-friendly perfume as they also offer a good trial to check is a good one or not. A good fragrance level up confidence and most importantly creates a flashback memory too. Whenever we apply the same fragrance, somehow, we go back to previous events and enjoy them again. So, a good fragrance is extremely important. 

Natural Body Care Brands

These are some brands that produce natural products. Moreover, One can try these natural brands to build a body care kit as per the availability. You can check it out and the best part about these brands is they provide sulfate, silicone, and cruelty-free products. Some natural brands that I use for my body care routine are-

  1. Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic
  2. Rustic Art
  3. Vilvah
  4. Mom and Co.
  5. Just Herbs
  6. Good Vibes

Pro’s of Body Care Routine

  1. It is Quick.
  2. It is Painless.
  3. You don’t have to wait for Wax Appointment.
  4. It is portable, one can carry razors everywhere.

Cons of Body Care Routine

1. If you don’t shave the right way it will result in razor cuts, ingrown hair, etc.

2. Not good for very sensitive skin.

FAQs about Body Care Routine

1. Does shaving darker the skin?

It is quite a common question and the answer to this question is yes and no when you continuously shave the skin goes through some ups and down it becomes thicker and it becomes just slightly darker. And you can avoid it by shaving correctly. As go very gentle while shaving so that only dead skin cells will go out not skin

2. Does the hair become thicker?

And the answer is no. As when we shave we only cut the upper part of the hair, not the roots. And yes hair follicles are in the tapered shape and when you cut the above part of hair the lower one comes out and looks like thick hair.

3. What is the right age to shave?

Well, I don’t think there is a certain age to shave but yes you can shave after you cross your 16 or 17!

4. Which parts should be shaved?

You can shave your entire body, but be careful while shaving the bikini area!

I hope that after reading this article, you guys will create a body care routine for yourself.