7 Everyday Makeup Essentials You should Own for Sure – Arllve

I’m frequently asked what Everyday Makeup Essentials I use regularly and what are my go-to everyday basics, so I’m compiling a list of my absolute favorites today. Even though I have a tone more, I only wanted to share a handful with you guys and discuss them here about my usage. I don’t typically get too flashy with my makeup, but that’s what I prefer. In case you guys couldn’t tell, it’s straightforward.

I believe that less is more, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy experimenting with Everyday Makeup Essentials occasionally.

If you are interested, I thought I may occasionally talk about my favorite hair and/or makeup products and see what you think of them. To be honest, I could utilize all of the items listed below in about 5 minutes if I wanted to, but I tried to focus on my ESSENTIALS for everyday use. I’ve gotten so good at using these Everyday Makeup Essentials. hehe. So, let’s get started.

Everyday Makeup Essentials

  • Foundation
  • Powder Blushes by MAC
  • MAC Lip Liner Pencils
  • Illuminator Highlighters
  • MAC Lipsticks
  • BARE SKIN Concealer
  • Drugstore Mascara

Everyday Makeup Essentials


I must say, I adore this foundation. Before using this, I hadn’t tried too many Nykaa products, but after using it, I was Completely addicted. All of the Nykaa’s products that I have started using are equally fantastic. If it makes sense, this foundation is similar to my “getting out” foundation. When I want to look very attractive or for certain occasions, I use this one. That sounds stupid, but don’t we all want to appear our best? 

lol! But in all seriousness, we females enjoy saving our fantastic items for those unique occasions, thus this one fits the bill! I’ve stocked up on it and have an extra bottle in my drawer for when my current one runs out. Is it a little much? Nope… The secret to this foundation is to set it with a powder after application because it can be a touch glossy at first. Don’t let this hinder you, either! You’ll become addicted!

Powder Blushes by MAC

I am a blush Enthusiast in real life. How many people claim they can’t live without their lipstick or mascara? I can’t live without it, though. Without blushing, I feel very exposed. Those who don’t use blush should start doing so right away, I promise it will transform your life. Call me crazy. Even though I have an absurd amount of blushes from various brands, I have to admit that some of my favorite shades are from MAC, and my all-time favorite shade is MAC Margin. With a sheen or shimmer that makes the skin glow in ways you can only imagine, it is the most gorgeous peachy-pink shade. People always ask me what blush I’m wearing and where I purchased it when I wear it. 

Since I hardly ever use any of my other blushes, I constantly feel bad about it. Despite my best efforts, I keep going back to Margin despite trying other blushes. To be honest, it’s an obsession.

MAC Lip Liner Pencils

I once neglected to line my lips, and let me tell you what a difference it makes! MAC Lip Liner Pencils The majority of the time now, including lip glosses, I line my lips. Nowadays, it can be difficult to find truly excellent lip liners, but right now, MAC products are among my favorites. They dissolve quickly on the lips and sharpen like a real pencil, so they endure for a long time.

Illuminator Highlighters

In my mind, luminizers, and highlighters. Nearly every day, I apply them on the area above my cheekbones, the tip of my nose, and my cupid’s bow. It doesn’t have a lot of glitters but does give the complexion a little dewy appearance, which I enjoy. To make it stand out a little more, you can also apply it underneath your brow bone. My current favorite is this one in particular.


The BEST drugstore mascara I have yet discovered is Maybelline The Falsies Mascara. Make my eyelashes appear to be fake! It costs only about $8, and I haven’t found another budget mascara that can do it as this one does!


I always use concealer on any imperfections and beneath my eyes. BARE SKIN Concealer I think that’s enough.

MAC Lipsticks, Everyday Makeup Essentials

Even though I have a huge collection of lipsticks, I have to admit that MAC Cremesheen lipsticks are among my faves. If that makes sense, they apply smoothly and shine for an appearance that is somewhat glossy without the sheen.

Lip Gloss, Everyday Makeup Essentials

My preference for glossier lipsticks is because I don’t LOVE matte lipsticks for everyday use and think they suit me a little bit better.


8 Steps to the Perfect At-Home Facial!

8 Steps to the Perfect At-Home Facial – Arllve by Arpana

Giving yourself a facial is one of life’s small pleasures. Nevertheless, an at-home facial is the next best option. Fortunately, the market is flooded with skin care products and items that make performing face procedures at home a pleasure.

A good time to start is at night. According to Experts, “Skin is in a more protective condition during the day, but at night, it is more relaxed and beginning to heal mode, so it can easily receive extra care”

Home Facial Steps

  1. Cleanse
  2. Exfoliate.
  3. Steam
  4. Extract
  5. Apply a Mask
  6. Treat
  7. Apply Moisturizer
  8. A massage

Home Facial Steps

Step 1: Cleanse

The goal is to start from scratch to maximize every stage. If you’re wearing makeup, apply a cleaning lotion or oil first. After that, you should clean your skin once more, this time with an exfoliating cleanser or a softly foamy gel.

First, massage the lotion or oil into dry skin. After that, massage it through once more while wetting your fingers.

Experts suggest rinsing with a microfiber washcloth to ensure that everything is removed. Your skin won’t become dry from these ingredients. Your skin barrier is built to create a specific quantity of oil by nature.

According to experts, if you completely wipe that off, you’re telling your skin to produce more oil instead of less, which causes imbalances in your skin.

Choose a cleanser that helps remove excess oil if you have oily skin, such as Aroma Magic facewash. This cleanser cleans dry skin without removing its natural oils.

Additionally, as Aroma Magic facewash. A cleanser for normal skin gently exfoliates while eliminating oil and grime.

Step 2: Exfoliate.

Exfoliating helps to get rid of dead skin cells off the surface of your skin and ensures that the other products you use are adequately absorbed.

There are several types of exfoliators, including:

  • Facial scrubs, at-home polishing tools, and clinical facility blades are examples of physical exfoliators.
  • Acids that help dissolve dead skin cells include lactic and glycolic. These are examples of chemical exfoliators.

Experts suggest beginning with an acid exfoliator and switching to physical exfoliators later for the perfect at-home facial.

They suggest applying it for about 10 minutes, then removing it physically with a scrub “to make sure you truly remove the dead skin cells.” Alternatively, depending on your skin type, you can just choose one or the other.

With oilier skin, one can get away with exfoliating four or five times per week. The recommended amount of exfoliation for someone with dry skin is once a week.

Step 3: Steam

Considering that your skin has just been exfoliated, you can steam at home using a device.

There are various advantages to steaming.

It raises the skin’s interior warmth and slightly enlarges pores. According to experts, this causes the blackheads (hardened oils in the pores) to dissolve a little and makes extractions simpler. Additionally, the skin’s blood flow is increased, and the skin receives a lot of moisture as a result.


  • Warm or hot, but not boiling, water should be added to a bowl.
  • Float over the bowl, 6-8 inches away, with a cloth over your head.
  • After 5 to 10 minutes of steam, gently massage your face dry, perform any necessary extractions, and then apply a moisturizing face mask.

In light of this, it’s critical to immediately apply moisturizing products after steaming, such as a mask or an extraction (more on that below).

After steaming, “you never want to leave skin uncovered because it will grow tight and you’ll lose all that moisture.”.

If you have skin issues like melasma, steaming might not be for you. Consult a specialist if you’re unclear about the appropriate course of action for your skin, such as steaming.

Steaming should only last 5–10 minutes if done at home. You run the risk of dehydration if you wait any longer.

Step 4: Extract

To protect your skin and pores, you should follow the proper procedures if you’re thinking of doing your blackhead extraction.


  • Use an extractor tool according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Make sure to fully wash your hands before using your fingers.
  • Use tissue or toilet paper to wrap your fingers.
  • Squeeze the comedo once after wrapping your fingers around it.
  • To avoid bruising or producing irritation, adjust your position before you squeeze again.
  • Keep going if nothing comes out.
  • Apply a topical acne remedy in little amounts.

Step 5: Apply a Mask

A variety of masks are available, such as:

  • Gel. All skin types benefit from the cooling, soothing effects of gel masks.
  • Clay. In particular, clay masks are beneficial for oily skin and congested pores. Clay aids in cleansing the skin by removing pollutants. The mask is too strong, experts say, if it dries and splits into a million pieces. Find a moisturizing mask that also has components that are beneficial for the skin.
  • Cream. Cream masks typically have a thick texture. They work wonders for skin types with less oil and lipid content that also need nourishing ingredients.
  • Sheet masks. Gel-based sheet masks with water-based hydration are the norm. For people with dry skin, these masks work wonders.

Additionally, you can make a fantastic mask at home with items like yogurt, honey, oatmeal, avocado, and papaya.

Your skin type will determine which mask is best for you. But whichever of the kind you choose, let it on for 10 to 20 minutes before wiping it off with a wet cloth.

Step 6: Treat

Serums are excellent focused therapies for certain skin issues like wrinkles and discoloration. The active components found in serums include niacinamide, antioxidants, peptides, vitamins A, C, and E, and even topical retinol. Choose a vitamin C serum for pigmentation problems.

For dry, red, or flaky skin, consider a serum containing peptides and niacinamide.

When it comes to wrinkles, retinol, or Phyto-retinol, works well.

Step 7: Apply Moisturizer

Apply a thick coating of your preferred moisturizer after using a serum to seal everything in. Choose a mild lotion, such as Moisturizing Lotion, if your skin is greasy.

Try a thicker cream, such as Moisturizing Cream, if your skin is dry.

Stage 8: A massage

Adding a little massage to your face not only feels wonderful, but also promotes lymphatic drainage and circulation. A dewy, de-puffed complexion may result from this. According to Experts, it will help to decrease skin sensitivity and roughness.

You can use your fingers if you’d like.

“Work from the Centre out, and always move upward.”

Make sure you have sufficient product around the eyes if you’re going to work on that area. Since the tissue around the eyes is much thinner, you should avoid pulling there.

Using an oil on top of your moisturizer may seem risky if your skin tends to be oilier, but experts advise it because it “helps to balance out [your] sebum production.”

Jojoba or sesame oil are suggested for oily skin. While coconut, borage, rosehip, or avocado oil are excellent choices for dry skin. if your skin falls somewhere in the middle? With marula oil or frankincense, you can never go wrong.

Finally, apply a little eye cream, around the eyes.

Home Facial Post Facial Care

  • Stay hydrated.
  • Take good care of your skin.
  • Avoid picking your Skin
  • Delay putting on Makeup
  • Sun Protection for your skin

Home Facial Post Facial Care

1) Stay hydrated.

Your skin will feel moisturized and soft after receiving a facial. You must keep your body hydrated to maintain that flexibility. For the next three days, consume at least 3 liters of water each day to keep your skin looking healthy.

2) Take good care of your skin.

Since a facial requires a lot of scrubbing, cleaning, and exfoliation, your skin could feel a little more sensitive afterward. Because of this, be gentle with your skin during the coming days. Steer clear of any products that can irritate your skin, such as strong cleaners. Additionally, stay away from topical treatments for at least 4 days following the facial.

3) Avoid picking your Skin

Even though it may be tempting, it’s recommended to refrain from picking your pimples after a facial. Your skin will become scarred, inflamed, and contaminated with bacteria with each pop and squeeze. After your facial, you certainly don’t want all that to damage your skin, right? So don’t touch your face with your hands.

4) Delay putting on Makeup

Some pores on your skin will still be open after your facial because of all the deep cleansing you conducted during your facial at home. They require time to exhale and close independently. Applying makeup right away will cause breakouts since it will become trapped in your skin and irritate it.

5) Sun Protection for your skin

Your skin becomes deeply exfoliated during the facial at home, which increases its sensitivity to the sun’s harmful UV rays. A facial also makes your skin more sensitive because of all the scrubbing and cleaning. Keep away from the sun for a while after getting a facial, then. Make sure to wear broad-spectrum sunscreen if you must go outside in the sun.

Final Conclusion – Home Facial

You can give yourself a superb spa-quality facial at home by using the appropriate materials and following the proper procedures in the right order. I hope you liked this home facial.

FAQs – Home Facial

1How often can I get a facial?

It’s not actually necessary to get a facial every week. For consistent results, have a facial every six to eight weeks.

What drawbacks do facials have?

A facial entails thorough cleaning and exfoliation, which could leave your skin red and irritated. You need not take any action, though, as it will mend on its own.

What is the duration of facial redness?

Post-facial redness is OK and common; it often subsides within 24 hours.

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Nail Polish Tips to Save Money!

Nail Polish Tips to Save Money at the Salon – Arllve by Arpana

Years of experimentation have taught me that it’s usually best to leave the majority of beauty-related tasks to the pros, like getting your hair cut and getting highlights. This rule has an exception, right? Own nail painting You can make your DIY manicure appear as if it came from a professional with a few nail polish tips and tricks—even if you’re not a nail artist.

Continue reading for 15 practical nail paint tricks that will prove to you that you don’t need to ask someone else to do your nails.

Nail Polish Tips

1. Easy Cleanup using Petroleum Jelly

This nail polish hack is not as difficult as painting within the lines. To form a barrier between the lacquer and your skin, first, apply petroleum jelly to your cuticles and the skin surrounding your nails. You can remove the petroleum jelly and any polish mistakes from your nails after painting them.

2. Apply two Coats of Base Coat

Apply two coats of base coat to your nails, one on the top half and the other covering the full nail, to prevent the tips of your painted nails from prematurely chipping. The top half of your nails should be covered in the first coat of base coat polish. Apply a second coat of polish once the first has dried. But this time make sure to completely cover the nail. 

3. Apply a White Base Coat of Nail Polish

The natural color of your fingernails may wind up affecting the color of your manicure if your nail paint isn’t very opaque. The natural color of your fingernails may wind up affecting the color of your manicure if your nail paint isn’t very opaque. Put on a layer of white nail polish first, then cover it with your colored polish to bring out the real color of the paint.

4. Make Nail Art Stencils out of Office Supplies

If you’re not a professional nail artist, it’s likely that you don’t have a kit loaded and ready to go anytime you feel like trying your hand at nail painting. You can get creative and get by with what you have if you have extra office or school materials, though. For instance: For a half-moon manicure, paper hole reinforcement stickers work best as stencils.

Use your finger or a dotter tool to press each sticker into place at the base of your nail, right above the cuticle. Use the sticker as a guide while you paint the initial coat onto each nail. Each nail should then have a second coat of polish applied before the sticker is carefully removed.

5. Clear Tape To Draw Sharp Lines

Although nail striping tape would certainly make things a lot simpler, if you don’t have any on hand, use your standard Scotch tape. For a significant manicure, you can either apply the tape straight to your bare nail or, for a two-toned effect, cut out fun shapes from the tape. Adhere them to already-painted nails before adding a second coat of contrasting nail color. Allow it to dry for a moment, then, for the finished effect, take both tape ends and slowly peel them back together.

6. Make Usage Eyeliner as a Nail Art Tool

Use the tip of a pencil eyeliner or lip liner to apply tiny nail art accents like rhinestones to your nails if your fingers or tweezers are too wide to pick up and place tiny jewels. It won’t interfere with your design and is tacky enough to grab the diamond from above. Genius!

7. Use a Rubber Band to Simplify French tips

Is there no striping brush? It’s no issue. Tie a rubber band in the centre of the object. To tighten the band, loop one end around your thumb. To form a French-tip shape, lay the other end over the top of your nail slightly below the edge. Paint the tip of your nail using the rubber band’s edge as a guide. After which, carefully take off the band and give it time to dry before applying a top coat to seal it.

8. Design your Own Nail Shade

Use transparent nail polish and powder eyeshadow to create a fresh nail paint shade after you’ve had enough of your current colours. Simply pour a small amount into a spoon from an eyeshadow pigment that would provide for a better nail colour. After that, polish it with some clear polish. Combine everything, then use a brush to apply your new colour. By mixing in additional clear polish or more pigment, you can change the shade of your new polish. 

9. A Water Cup to Produce a Stylish Marbling Effect.

This nail art look (which doesn’t require a single brush) is for you if you’re just trying to figure out how to paint on a simple layer of nail polish without putting it all over your hands. Select an accent finger first, then tape your skin’s edges beneath and around your nail. Next, put filtered, room-temperature water in a tiny paper cup. Pick up two separate paints and alternately drop a few drops of each color into the water in the cup. After you’ve added a few droplets, take an open paper clip and swirl the layers together with the tip to make the desired design.

Next, insert your finger into the cup so that the paint layer is facing your nail. Use your paper clip to pry the remaining paint from your finger after holding it in the cup for a short while. After that, slowly take your finger out of the water and take off the tape to neat up the corners.

10. Ice your Wet Nails

Ice water can be very beneficial when it comes to speeding up the drying process for your nail polish. But hot water is not recommended. As it can cause your nail plate to grow and your lacquer to crack as a result). Put your painted nails in a dish with some ice and water, and soak them there for a few minutes. Your nails will dry more quickly and the cold water will set the paint.

11. Make Use of Foil to Remove Sticky Polish

If you want to keep your manicure looking great for a very long time, glitter nail polish is your best friend. However, it is also your worst adversary when attempting to remove it because it is incredibly difficult to do so. To make things simpler, try this nail paint trick. Wrap your nails in cotton that has been dipped in nail polish remover, then fasten them with squares of foil.

Moreover, After five minutes, remove the foil covers from your fingertips while also sloughing off the cotton. It will readily remove your polish as well.

12. Avoid shaking your Nail Polish Bottle 

Have you ever noticed how many small air bubbles there are beneath the surface? Isn’t that the worst? Simply stop shaking your nail polish bottle before painting to avoid bubbles. Instead, move your hands back and forth while holding the bottle in between your palms to mix the polish.

13. Hot Water to Dissolve a Sticky Nail Polish 

Isn’t it true that only your favorite nail polishes freeze shut? Put the nail paint bottle upside down in a cup rather than sobbing about having to throw it away. Just enough hot water should be added to the cup to cover the lid without completely soaking the paint bottle. So that hot water can tamper with the consistency of the polish. Open the loosening lid after a few minutes, take the nail paint bottle out of the cup.

14. Rubber Band to Improve Grip

Try the rubber band approach if you need a better grip while painting your nails or you’re trying to unscrew a tight lid. Your nail polish bottles’ handles should be securely fastened with a wide rubber band. Your grip will be much better with the rubber than it would be with the standard, slick plastic handle when you are twisting and moving things around.

Apply a small amount of petroleum jelly with a cotton swab to the ridges on the nail paint bottle’s lip. When you use the lid again, it will be simpler to open since the jelly will stop the paint from drying to the lid.

15. Nail Polish Stickers

With a few stickers and swatches, you can quickly arrange your nail polish collection, even if it rivals that of a salon. Punch a hole in the paint sample, attach it to an adhesive file folder label, and place it on top of the nail polish container. Do this again for each polish you have, then put them all in a box and keep them somewhere cool and dry.

Conclusion – Nail Polish

So, I hope you liked the article. As these tips are extremely practical and easy and one can easily opt this hacks and have the best looking and well polished nails at home.


9 Summer Beauty Essentials to Keep in Your Bag

When summer finally arrives, we want to spend as much time as we can taking advantage of the wonderful weather and sunshine. For that reason, I compiled a list of summer Beauty Essentials you should always carry with you. When you need a quick refresh this summer, it’s a great idea to have these Beauty Essentials products on hand.

The season of summer is when we honor the beauty of nature. With the lengthening of the days, the emphasis of the makeup look shifts to highlighting glow, natural flush, and subtle dew. There will be a simpler, more streamlined routine as a result, which I prefer all year long. This season calls for highlighters and bronzers that enhance the beauty that already exists rather than meticulously contouring and piling on layers for coverage. The high gloss or glass finish is replacing everything matte this year.  They look great worn alone or layered with sugary pink and coral for a bee-sting-listing-like makeup effect.

Rich formulations are making way for lightweight lotions, creams, and serums in the skincare industry. In order to soothe, calm, hydrate, brighten, and boost hydration, moisturizers, boosters, and sun protectors—the majority of which are categorically ethical and clean—are created. Even some skincare systems or multi-use innovations guarantee the best outcomes.

I’ve compiled a list of Beauty Essentials, and I’m confident looking at them will help you. Consider cooling facial wipes and appropriate sunscreens, and that’s just the start.

9 Summer Beauty Essentials

What I truly love about immersing myself in summer beauty is that it never fails to inspire exploration, spontaneity, and authenticity. This is in addition to all the exciting new makeup collections, entertaining hairstyles, and groundbreaking skincare products that this new season brings. Here is a list of the top beauty products essential.

For the right reasons, a lady’s pack has been given the size of luck. I keep my life in my pack. From the irrefutable essential elements like money, cards, and phone to the entire day basics like aromas, and lippies, minimized for final details. However, they are critical.

Face Wipes

I enjoy using face wipes. They simultaneously moisturize and wash the face. They’re fantastic for revitalizing the face, removing makeup, and keeping skin hydrated. In the summer, my face always seems to be oily due to sweat and grease. These Face Wipes are great to have on hand in your bag for quick face refreshers.

Natural Good Deodorant

The best way to always have a small amount of your favorite perfume with you in your bag. Simply let it out; in the summer, it is impossible to leave the house without a scent. Additionally, these offer a high effect while being extremely practical and conservative. When sweat has taken control of you, enjoy these potent rollerballs, which act as your constant guardian angels.

Compact Powder

One of the most difficult tasks is to maintain a flawless look all day. You need a high-quality, skin-type-appropriate compact powder if you want to keep your makeup flawless all day. The wrong option for your skin can quickly cause this simple-to-use product to go wrong.

Apply the powder in downward strokes to the face, beginning at the forehead, nose, and under the eyes, cheeks, chin, and neck, by lightly pressing the sponge or applicator against the powder cake. Apply light strokes to even it out. Examine the face for deposition of powder and remove if any.

Rollerball Perfumes

Especially in the summer when the heat and humidity are at their highest, rollerballs are excellent to keep in your purse for when you need to freshen up. Rollerball Perfume is another one of my all-time favorite products. When you need to wake up, cool down, or just reset this summer, this miniature version is ideal to keep in your bag. Two sprays will leave you feeling revitalized and refreshed.

Dry Shampoo

An essential for summertime beauty is dry shampoo. To refresh your hair while you’re on the go, this mini size is ideal to throw in your bag. Although applying dry shampoo is quicker than the entire lather, rinse repeat procedure, it is still important to do it correctly.

To begin, shake the dry shampoo can and hold it at least the length of the can from the head. To make sure the entire head receives the product, spray on the root beginning at your part line and divide it into smaller subsections. Finally, turn your head upside down and use your fingertips to gently massage your roots all over. Aim a blow dryer at your roots on the lowest, coolest setting if the spray is still damp. Finally, distribute the hair throughout the entire head by combing through with finger pads or a brush.

CC Cream

Summer essentials include a good CC cream. Without making your skin feel or look cakey, it adds just the right amount of coverage. When you want some coverage in the summer but not enough to hide your sun-kissed skin, this is a great option because it contains SPF 35.

Lip Tint, Beauty Essentials

A vibrant pop of color can be added to your lips or cheeks with the help of a lip-to-cheek stick. This beach stick will brighten up your face this summer, whether you’re doing a simple weekend look or touching up your makeup for a rooftop cocktail.

Lip Balm, Beauty Essentials

Among lip products, I adore this Fresh Sugar Balm. It’s something I always have with me. Along with moisturizing and UV protection, it adds just the right amount of natural lip color. Additionally, it is available in a variety of colors, making it ideal for all of your summertime plans.

Mini Mascara, Beauty Essentials

Throughout the humid summer, mini mascara should always be on hand. For a quick touch-up of makeup, it is the ideal size to keep in your bag. Mascara is one of my favourite cosmetics, so I thought I’d start the blog’s beauty section with it.

Most girls never leave the house without mascara, but there are so many options that it can be challenging to choose the best one. I now think that some mascaras look fantastic on some people but not so much on others. Each person has unique lashes. In light of this, always carry mascara!


6-Steps Body Care Routine!

Imagine having fresh & glowing skin every time! Omg, you love it and you want that? And, these body care routines in 6 simple steps are easy, quite simple, and also practical steps to make your body fresh and glowy.

So, if you are someone who very occasionally tries on fancy body washes, it is High time to create a body care routine for you. Having a Daily Body Care Routine makes the body healthier and glowy. Moreover, We spend months trying out new products for the face but that is not the only body part to be focused on.

However, the rest of the body is equally extremely important and we must create a routine. Now most of us spend a lot of time doing face care routines and trying a ton of products but we don’t pay attention to the other parts of the body. Although the rest of our body is equally important and we must take care of that as well.

6-Steps: Body Care Routine

1. Dry Brushing
2. Body Scrub
3. Body Wash
4. Shaving
5. Body lotion
6. Perfume

6 Steps for Body Care Routine

1. Dry Brushing

The best time to dry brush all of your body would be just before you step into the shower. Firstly, Start from your toes and go upwards towards your head. Start circulating the brush on your feet and just gradually go upwards. You can easily get a dry brush in your local general store or online on Amazon or Vega.

2. Body Scrub

Ever wonder how to get that perfectly smooth, silky, and moisturized body??

We pay a lot of attention to our face, not to the entire body and it is natural as we think the face is something that one sees at first when you meet someone and that is why we focus more on a face rather than the entire body.

However, it is equally important to take care of the rest of your body as well. And body scrub is also best for your skin. Next is, how to use the body scrub the right way so that you can get the best results. You can use any scrub as per your choice. But I prefer using a coffee scrub. I enjoy using the coffee scrub so much. Coffee helps in exfoliating and removing dead skin cells. Coco oil softens, moisture, and nourishes your skin which is equally important. The homemade scrub is natural and free from harsh chemicals such as SLS, and paraben. It smells amazing

Tips for Scrubbing

  1. Make sure your body is dirt free and wet before applying the scrub. And start scrubbing in a circular motion as it increases blood circulation which is good for the body. It also removes tan from the body, if you use it for a longer period.
  2. You can start with application on the legs and move upward on the entire body gently. Although this body scrub is not harsh at all, you still need to apply it gently and massage it softly.
  3. Once you are done with scrubbing wash it off with Luke’s warm water. Wash off the body scrub with warm water only. Do not use cold water.
  4. Do not overdo it. stick to 1-2 times a week. Otherwise, your skin will become pretty sensitive and I am sure that you don’t want that.
  5. Always apply good body lotion or butter. Also, apply a good amount of body lotion. You can quickly shave after scrubbing too.

3. Body Wash

Using a body wash to clean your skin is the minimum needed you should do! As soon as you step into the shower, you need to apply early good shower gel. Have a body wash that helps to get rid of dead skin cells on your body and gives you nice nude skin. You can try on fruity fragrances.

If using a body wash after taking a shower makes your skin feel tight and dry, it’s too harsh for you. You might be allergic to your new body wash if you experience itching after using it. As a result, it is critical to have access to a natural and chemical-free facewash, as well as an SLS-free body wash. I  understand how difficult it is to find an SLS-free body wash, but these are better for your skin in the long run! The natural ph balance of your skin can be disturbed by SLS!

4. Shaving

Now, shaving is not a must in your body care routine. It’s up to your personal preference. If you would like to shave, make sure you cleanse and exfoliate your skin first! As a result, acne won’t appear or the hairs won’t grow back in the incorrect direction

Always follow the direction in which the hair grows when shaving. Ingrown hairs and even folliculitis can result from going the other way. It is advised to use shaving cream to minimize hair damage to follicles.

How to Shave

Wet the desired shaving area with warm water, apply the foam and use the shaver upward. Use the razor in the opposite direction. But in the case of underarms shave upward and downward as the hair growth is all over the area. Also, make sure the face of the razor is flexible so it doesn’t go harsh on the skin. Like knees, ankles, elbows, and underarms. Also, make sure you do not apply pressure on the razor and also do not go too easy on it too. You have to shave your body too lightly.

Yes, it is quite simple, but still, need to take care of certain things before shave that is mentioned next!

Tips for Shaving

How to avoid razor cuts and burn and ingrown hair and the answer to all of that is shaving the right way. If you shave the right way, nothing wrong will gonna happen to you.

  1. Use a razor that is meant for a woman.
  2. Use Shavings foam. You can use a natural soap, shower gel, or conditioner to make leather. However, I would suggest buying shaving foam as it is a good purchase. The benefit is it is a great barrier between skin and razor. The skin does not end up getting razor cut and burn.
  3. Rinse your razor after every use. Once you are done with shaving rinse off the razor and get rid of all the excess that is on the razor. It is Always Better to shave in the shower.
  4. Next is moisturizing, moisturizing is super important for healthy skin. It is the most important step that you should not miss while shaving. It helps in closing the open pores and acts as a barrier for the dust to your skin. You can use boy’s butter too, but you have to moisture it.

5. A Body Lotion

This is one of the most important steps in this order for the skin-care routine!

You need to moisturize your body every day to get fresh and smooth skin. The best time to apply body lotion is when your body is slightly wet, not completely towel dry. It absorbs better into the skin. Apply a good amount of lotion on the naked body rather than applying the lotion on the visible area of the body after wearing clothes.

6. Apply a Perfume / Body Mist / Roll-on

I am a big fan of travel-friendly perfume as they also offer a good trial to check is a good one or not. A good fragrance level up confidence and most importantly creates a flashback memory too. Whenever we apply the same fragrance, somehow, we go back to previous events and enjoy them again. So, a good fragrance is extremely important. 

Natural Body Care Brands

These are some brands that produce natural products. Moreover, One can try these natural brands to build a body care kit as per the availability. You can check it out and the best part about these brands is they provide sulfate, silicone, and cruelty-free products. Some natural brands that I use for my body care routine are-

  1. Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic
  2. Rustic Art
  3. Vilvah
  4. Mom and Co.
  5. Just Herbs
  6. Good Vibes

Pro’s of Body Care Routine

  1. It is Quick.
  2. It is Painless.
  3. You don’t have to wait for Wax Appointment.
  4. It is portable, one can carry razors everywhere.

Cons of Body Care Routine

1. If you don’t shave the right way it will result in razor cuts, ingrown hair, etc.

2. Not good for very sensitive skin.

FAQs about Body Care Routine

1. Does shaving darker the skin?

It is quite a common question and the answer to this question is yes and no when you continuously shave the skin goes through some ups and down it becomes thicker and it becomes just slightly darker. And you can avoid it by shaving correctly. As go very gentle while shaving so that only dead skin cells will go out not skin

2. Does the hair become thicker?

And the answer is no. As when we shave we only cut the upper part of the hair, not the roots. And yes hair follicles are in the tapered shape and when you cut the above part of hair the lower one comes out and looks like thick hair.

3. What is the right age to shave?

Well, I don’t think there is a certain age to shave but yes you can shave after you cross your 16 or 17!

4. Which parts should be shaved?

You can shave your entire body, but be careful while shaving the bikini area!

I hope that after reading this article, you guys will create a body care routine for yourself.


3 Simple And Easy Honey Face Pack

Do you want to know Bebo’s secret to glowing skin? Kareena Kapoor uses products that work for real! Here is all about the Simple And Easy Honey Face Pack For Glowing Skin!

If you want to look like Kareena Kapoor and have glowing skin that rivals her own, then we’ve got a little trick for you: honey! As you know Honey is best for your skin as it has no side effects.

Honey is a natural source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients that keep your skin healthy, glowing, and radiant.

Kareena Kapoor’s radiant glow is something that has gone through so many transformations. The Indian actress looks gorgeous even when we see her sparkling in a simple outfit. Smoother, glowing, and beautiful skin is one of celebs’ most awaited features, and they try out many methods to achieve that. Here I am sharing Kareena Kapoor’s Glowing Skin with Honey Face Pack as per my research.

Why Honey??

Honey is a natural face pack that moisturizes the skin and clears away blemishes. Honey has been used in beauty products for centuries now, and there are many different ways that you can use it on your face. But first, why should you even try this at all?

Well, Kareena Kapoor’s glowing skin is the result of an intensive regime, which she follows religiously. But the actor doesn’t use any fancy face pack or any other product to get that youthful glow on her face. She simply relies on honey!

Also, in an interview, Kareena Kapoor revealed that she doesn’t rely on facials and rather applies honey to clean and soften her skin.

Benefits of Honey Face Pack

Homemade face masks are not only affordable but also deliver some serious dose of skincare benefits when applied religiously. And even our favorite celebs like Kareena Kapoor Khan rely on home remedies for their skin. These homemade face packs are completely natural and have no side effects on the skin. Let’s quickly take you through the benefits of using honey skin.

  1. In addition to having antimicrobial qualities, honey is a natural humectant.
  2. It moisturizes the skin and draws out impurities from it.
  3. The vitamins present in honey help to reduce blemishes and pigmentation.
  4. It also has antibacterial properties that help combat acne and helps maintain youthful-looking skin.
  5. Let’s not forget about its ability to moisturize! Honey has long been known as a natural moisturizer for many people, but it can also help improve the appearance of fine lines around your eyes or mouth area.
  6. Honey helps in treating acne, smoothens skin, and slows down aging. Honey is full of antioxidants that help keep your skin healthy and young looking. It also helps with inflammation and other issues related to aging.
  7. Honey is a natural source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients that help keep your skin healthy, glowing, and radiant. It also helps in repairing damaged skin cells and reduces inflammation that can cause acne breakouts.

Ways to Use Honey Face Pack

Well, Kareena Kapoor Khan uses honey in various ways! We have been curious about the secret ingredient in her homemade face pack ever since she first shared a photo of herself wearing it.

The best way to use honey is to apply it right after you’ve washed your face & before you moisturize. Honey can be used as a mask or mixed with water and other ingredients to make a facial scrub. Apply honey to clean the skin.

This will allow the honey time to dry into a paste that won’t drip off when you wash it off. If you have sensitive skin, first try rubbing some raw honey on your face before using this mask. The best way to use honey is to apply it right after you’ve washed your face before you moisturize. Honey can be used as a mask or mixed with water and other ingredients to make a facial scrub.

  • Either Use Honey Directly on the Face.
  • Or Make Face Packs using Different Ingredients Such as Coffee, Curd & Turmeric.

Honey Face Packs using Different Ingredients (Coffee, Curd & Turmeric)

Several products on the market are made with pure honey, but some of them can be very expensive for us. So here are some effective homemade face packs for glowing skin and acne scar removal which give you beautiful and younger-looking skin just like Kareena Kapoor.

Kareena Kapoor’s skin is the stuff of dreams. She has the most amazing glow, and it’s all thanks to her honey face pack. The following pack includes some of Kareena’s favorite products to help you get glowing skin.

Coffee Honey Face Pack

  • Take 1 Tablespoon of Coffee & 1 Tablespoon of Honey
  • Mix both ingredients & gently apply them to your face.
  • Leave it for 10-20 Minutes.
  • Then, wash it off with normal water.
  • Make sure to use a hydrating moisturizer after it.

Curd Honey Face Pack

  • Take 2 Tablespoon Curd & 1 Tablespoon, Honey• Mix, both ingredients & gently apply them to your face.
  • Leave it for 10-20 Minutes.
  • Then, wash it off with normal water.
  • Make sure to use a hydrating moisturizer after it.

Turmeric Honey Face Pack

  • Take a Pinch of Turmeric & 1 Tablespoon of Honey
  • Mix both ingredients & gently apply them to your face.
  • Leave it for 10-20 Minutes.
  • Then, wash it off with normal water.
  • Make sure to use a hydrating moisturizer after it.

Why Homemade Mask??

Indeed, this is an obvious question. As several products are available in the market to use. Moreover, they have different options too. Then why we should use Homemade?

Well, the answer to this question is quite simple because everyone Knows that “Handmade face packs are all-natural”.

Kareena frequently posts bare-skin selfies on Instagram, and her flawless skin isn’t always the result of facials. To treat her skincare issues, she uses natural ingredients.

Best Honey in Market

Buy the Best Honey


There is no better way to pamper your skin if you are a fan of this diva than by using her go-to mask. And, why don’t you try Bebo’s top-secret face pack recipe now that you have it? 

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5 Ways to Dress Effortlessly Chic

With this article, I want to share 5 Ways to Dress Effortlessly Chic and Achieve Your Dream Look. These are things that I’ve been working on myself the last couple of years and I have found them helpful and each of their styles has improved a little bit. So hopefully these can help you as well.

So that you can build a closet to cultivate a style that will stay with you for many years. Here are the tips for 5 Ways to Dress Effortlessly Chic and Achieve Your Dream Look.

5 Ways to Dress Effortlessly Chic

1. Get Dressed 

My first tip for how to get your dream look is to Get Dressed. I want to include this as the first thing on this list because I’m sure a lot of us do not love dressing up casually. We just love being so casual, and so simple, and as a result, we’ve got the habit of not getting dressed. We forgot about what works for us and what does not.

Seeing a lot of inspiration and a lot of fantasies, we do not be able to allow us to connect 100% with how we used to live. So, make a considered effort and start getting dressed in the clothes that you probably have in your wardrobe. I think you’ll be able to find things you love and you don’t love. Ultimately you get more creative and enjoy the process.   

2. Know your Bare Minimum & Dress Effortlessly Chic

My next tip for how to get your dream look is to figure out your Bare Minimum. This is something I’ve done for myself recently as I have made a considered effort to get dressed every day. I noticed that there are certain things that as long as they’re there everything else is easy.

Moreover, I feel a little bit more inspired to experiment by finding my Bare Minimum. Allow yourself to get ready in a way that doesn’t feel overwhelming and instead allows you have joy in getting dressed. It can be your Hair, Jewelry, or anything.  

3. Capsule Wardrobe to Dress Effortlessly Chic

My next tip for how to get your dream style is to work with a Capsule Wardrobe. Either you’re at the start of your style journey or you’re feeling stuck in yourself. You don’t know what direction to go, capsule wardrobe always works.

I love Capsule Wardrobes and I’ve used them on and off over the last couple of years. It helps to understand what I like what and I do not like. How I can work with a few pieces so that I would be able to make better purchasing decisions?

So, if you’re kind of feeling lost or maybe have no idea what your style is. Simply look at your overall wardrobe and take a few pieces. And make another closet with these pieces to use to live with that for a couple of months. And be able to identify what a fancy Life is versus real life versus what is functional for you. 

Moreover, don’t go with something restricting but rather go for something that can give you clarity. 

4. Color Palette to Dress Effortlessly Chic

My next tip for how to get your dream style is to stick with the Color Palette. and use that to inform future purchases. So, this is very similar to the Capsule in the sense. Specifically, if you’re just starting. Do not get rid of anything instead isolate the Color Palette in your existing closet and work with that.

Figure out the colors you like and the Colors you do not like. What goes together in a way to make you feel great I think this is so beneficial because having a wardrobe color palette can help to find pieces for a closet that will mix and match. It allows you to feel great with a very minimal effort style that functions within your life.  

There is a lot to know about Color Palette but if you’re just beginning your fashion journey, you don’t need to know your Color Palette in hurry. Stick to Neutral which is probably within your closet already. Things like Black, Navy, Grey, Beige, and Brown, are things that a closet of us have. They are really easy to find and I find that they are pretty prevalent in a lot of closets by isolating that occasionally bringing in pop up of a new color certificate what do you like and what you don’t like? It is a slow process and takes a few years to build a wardrobe like this.   

5. Outfit Repeating 

My next tip for how to get your dream look is to get comfortable with Outfit Repeating. I believe this is critical because as you develop your closet and use it functionally while dressing, you will undoubtedly initiate repeat combinations. I believe that the beauty of personal style is finding the combinations that you love in your closet, getting comfortable with them, and using them as a springboard for different accessories, hair, makeup, and jewelry, and using them as intended Getting comfortable in repeating in a way that still feels empowering is so important.

So, I recommend this habit as making your wardrobe functional on days women nothing fits nothing feels the way you want it to be or you are running short is where a dream wardrobe really functions.  

Remember You Should Enjoy the Journey! 

  • Last but not least, how to get your dream stylist to remember that this is a journey, it is very personal and it will likely change. So, as you grow and change as a person your style will likely reflect so give yourself that flexibility.
  • Do not get fixed to anything and don’t feel locked to anything. Allow yourself the freedom to experiment with trends, silhouettes, and color palettes and ultimately do what feels right for you at one particular moment.
  • Know how you can use these to benefit you now as well as in the future specifically as you are unsure of how may change.
  • Start to educate yourself on high-quality colors that you know you love, non-negotiable, and maybe some different Hair Styling techniques that you can rely on to change up your closet.

Ultimately, spend time on things that come back to you. So, rather than focusing on classical and having 100 pieces and 2 colors in your color palette, allow yourself the freedom to discover new things that are related to your style as I think that’s the most beneficial in the entire journey. 

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10 World Popular Fashion Bloggers You Should Follow!

All About 10 World Popular Fashion Bloggers You Should Follow. They have also experienced fashion from every angle as they have been to Fashion Weeks. They have a great style to make an outfit elevated. If you’re into fashion, maybe having new names would help you out.

Moreover, all of these beauties are quite famous on Instagram. Instagram is an imaginative and creative option to show photographs from your life. This application expresses more than words. Instagram is a powerhouse of fashion statements in addition to the life happenings that people record and share there. Nearly everything that is updated on Instagram profiles is related to fashion.

Moreover, there is almost nothing in the world of fashion that is not updated on Instagram profiles. The majority of fashion-related Instagram accounts regularly update their feeds.  Furthermore, Fashion lovers post all of the latest fashion trends on this site. Here are some of the top fashion blogs that continuously provide the latest styles. 

So, here are a few of the top fashion blogs that consistently post the trendiest looks, styles, and ideas for artistically wearing your clothes. 

World Popular Fashion Bloggers

1. Xenia Adonts 
2. Katy Bellote 
3. Freddy My Love 
4. Lydia Millon Gordon 
5. Mimi AR
6. Tamara
7. Ann-Kathrin
8. Negin
9. Daniel Bernstein
10. Victoria

World Popular Fashion Bloggers

World Popular Fashion Bloggers

There are so many fashion influencers out there, especially on Instagram and many are showing great content. However, many are also showing not-that-great content. So, it can be very overwhelming. So, it’s nice to hear a bit of advice from someone else on which influences you should follow. 

1. Xenia Adonts  World Popular Fashion Blogger

Xenia Adont is super famous as she has 2M followers on Instagram. She is a German who now lives in Paris. She is very much into fashion and not into lifestyle and beauty. Xenia Adonts also focuses on fashion and talks a lot about looks. She also has a sustainable clothing brand. 

2. Katy Bellote 

Afterward, I have another one who’s a little bit less famous and she is Katy Bellote. She started as a visual on YouTube, doing hauls from her local mall and all that made her famous. She graduated from a school in graphic design and she worked for Loreal in New York. 

3. Freddy My Love 

Another one is Freddy My Love. She is very popular on YouTube. So, if you’re a super pink girly girl and you like beige and white colors, a bit of vintage style you must follow Freddy My Love. She is cool and I just love that she is not scared to wear pink and girly. 

4. Lydia Millon Gordon 

Next is Lydia Millon Gordon. In the beginning, she was talking about lifestyle, and then she went more into fashion and she has a great fashion sense. I recommend her for that kind of like British countryside style. 

5. Mimi AR

Mimi AR’s beautiful style makes her a vintage girl. She also creates blogs and more lifestyle content that is more interesting. She’s the outfit queen. Mimi AR definitely can create a kind of like atmosphere around pictures, modern as well New York style.  

6. Tamara

Tamara is extremely famous on Instagram. So, the Tamara style is very different and modern. Also, she’s not scared to experiment. Tamara is not scared of learning more about brand-new designers, small designers, and small brands. Tamara is very much into fashion as what is heritage. She always filled her Fashion Week experiences on her YouTube channel.

So, she goes to the 4 fashion weeks and always gives a bit of a summary of what she saw on the run. I would recommend her for sure if you’re bored and want to explore more about Fashion.

7. Ann-Kathrin

Ann-Kathrin is a very famous model and she started becoming more and more famous on Instagram. Also, she’s interested in fashion and what fashion is. Nonetheless, She gives limitless tips and tricks on fashion.

8. Negin

Negin is a Blogger, an influencer, and also an entrepreneur. She has been to many fashion weeks and she also filmed a lot with fashion brands. An influencer that turned into an entrepreneur. Her Instagram has been different. So, if you want to have some inspiration about fashion from an entrepreneur who talked a lot about her Fashion & Business.

So, I would also encourage you to check out her social handles.

9. Daniel Bernstein AKA Danielle

Blogger Daniel Bernstein is the owner of the swimsuits brand. She’s a real entrepreneur, in New York.

Also, she always updates her Instagram with new fashion trends and delivers the best insight into the world of fashion, style, and accessories. To appear as lovely as her, follow her because she is cool.

10. Victoria, World Popular Fashion Blogger

Now, I have a final one, Victoria. She started a blog a long time ago and then a YouTube channel. And now she is very creative on Instagram. Neither an entrepreneur nor a brand or anything else. She also got a Ph.D. in fashion. Victoria talks a lot about trends, I enjoy her styling videos. She’s super down to earth and she’s doing so many great things. I recommend her as well.

So, it is all about 5 World Popular Fashion Bloggers You Should Follow. I hope you enjoyed it.

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Top Six Essential Accessories to Complement Your Look

Looking for Top Six Accessories to Complement Your Look?  Well, you’re at the right place! Here are the Top Six Accessories to Complement Your Look. I love accessories and I’m always up for them.

Top Six Accessories to Complement

  1. Statement Watch
  2. Sunglasses
  3. Golden/Silver Hoops
  4. Hairpins and Hair catchers
  5. Studs/ Pearls
  6. Boho Bangles/Bracelets

Top Six Accessories to Complement

1. Statement Watch

So, My first must-have is a watch. It’s a watch that adds a sophisticated classy vibe to your outfit. I usually wear a black one with a rose gold dial and another one is completely rose gold. I also feel like these 2 watches go well with almost all outfits as they are super versatile. And, I feel that if you do not wear something just have a good watch and you are good to go. They look so nice and coordinated.

2. Sunglasses

The Second must-have accessory is having sunglasses in your collection. Also, They could be just in any shape, any size. I love sunglasses. Once you start investing in sunglasses, you’re gonna be waiting for more and more glasses. Moreover, This accessory is one of the best that men and women can use to look attractive. However, you need to make sure that the glasses fit perfectly to you. Next, wear these when you are outside as they are designed for one another purpose, which is to protect your eyes from the sun. If you want to wear glasses all the time as they make us look, pick up some blue light-blocking glasses.

3. Golden/Silver Hoops

Golden/Silver Hoops, I feel like they can elevator outfit 100%. You can get them in different sizes such as medium size, bigger size and then slightly tiny as well. I feel like having golden hoops is feminine and they add up that little bit of glamour to any outfit. Also, these are grateful for switching outfits, and date night looks. which you should have in your wardrobe. Your wardrobe is incomplete without them. You can put them in a silver, golden, smaller size, or bigger sizes any way you want.

4. Hairpins and Hair Catchers

The next must-have accessory is having lovely Hairpins and Hair Catchers in your collection. Also, They could be just in any shape, any size. I love Hairpins and Hair Catchers. Once you start investing in Hairpins and Hair Catchers, you’re gonna be waiting for more and more Hairpins and Hair Catchers. Moreover, This accessory is one of the best that women can use to look attractive.

5. Studs/Pearls

The next and fifth must-have accessory is having pearls in your collection. Also, They could be just in the form of a single Pearl necklace or they could be simple pearl earrings or studs.

6. Boho Bangles/Bracelets

The Last and final must-have accessory is having Boho Bangles/Bracelets in your collection. They could be of any style, any color. They look amazing with Indian and Western wear. Some people think that boho jewelry is meant for traditional Indian clothes, which is not a fact. You just need to keep them minimal if you are wearing them with western wear.

Sum Up – Six Accessories to Complement

Accessories are the best way to level up your basic or branded dress. Also, These accessories will work best with any look, any outfit. You can find them anywhere. I love having them from Zara & H&M. Moreover, Depending on the quality you want and your budget, they are priced differently. It helps you appear stylish, vintage, and so forth. People also believe that to look stylish, they must spend a lot of money. However, I don’t enjoy spending a lot of money, so whenever I’m online, I always seek basic items that I can use constantly.


8 Ways to Look GOOD and Dress WELL

This article is to demonstrate to you 8 ways to Look GOOD and Dress WELL! It’s not always necessary to spend a fortune to look good. There are many reasonably priced ways to look good without going over budget. Here are 8 suggestions for proper attire.

Look GOOD and Dress WELL- Ideas

  1. Fitted cloth
  2. Makeup
  3. Handbag
  4. Sunglasses
  5. Accessorize
  6. White Shoes
  7. Hair & Skin Care
  8. Shapewear

Look GOOD and Dress WELL

1. Fitted cloth

Not too loose, not too tight Choose the best fit for you. Also, I used to believe, It’s a color,  that accentuates your thinness. However, I once met someone who told me that the fitting, not the color, is what will make you look thinner.

  • To help you choose flattering clothing, determine your body shape. All bodies are unique, but the majority of female bodies fall into one of the following categories: pear, apple, straight, inverted triangle, or hourglass.
  • If you have an apple body shape, emphasize your bust. Put on tops that draw attention to your bust and flaunt your shoulders if you have an apple body type.
  • If you have a pear shape, wear clothing that draws attention to your upper body. Try dressing in tops with vivid colors and patterns to draw attention to your upper body when you’re a pear. To slim your hips and waistline, wear dark pants and skirts.
  • If you have an inverted triangle body shape, draw attention to your legs and waist. Choose tops with vertical stripes, A-line dresses, and bottoms that draw attention to your waist and legs if you have an inverted triangle body type. 
  • Choose skirts and pants with bold, horizontal patterns to give the appearance of volume. 

2. Makeup

Understand the basics of applying makeup. You must be aware of what suits your face and eyes. Some people use moisturizers, while others use tinted creams. Both eyeliner and Kajal are used by some. Even though I don’t wear makeup usually, I do know what looks best on my face.

If you enjoy wearing makeup, use natural makeup for a dewy appearance. Although it’s not necessary, wearing makeup can make you feel more put together and confident. Use a thin layer of concealer to cover up any flaws and breakouts after applying a light foundation that matches your skin tone. Apply a light layer of mascara and a soft, rosy blush for a clean, natural makeup look.

  • Apply a little powder to your face to take the shine off oily skin.
  • Pick a berry or neutral-colored lip gloss or stain.

3. Handbag

Everyone uses a bag on daily basis. It can be of any type. Also, As we run around we need to carry a bag with us. We use different kinds of bags as per the requirement.

Furthermore, Owning a bag is not enough to look stylish and classy. I always tell people that invest in one good-looking bag to wear every day rather than buying hundreds of Local bags.

4. Sunglasses

Next, Wearing sunglasses every day helps you stand out as sophisticated. So, Good sunglasses, a good bag, and white shoes would make any outfit looks stunning even if you wore a simple shirt and a pair of jeans.
A pair of cute sunglasses can elevate almost any look! For best results, pick sunglasses that complement the shape of your face and contrast or match the colors of your clothing.   Consider a pair of black cat-eye sunglasses for a timeless appearance. Bohemian fashions look great with oversized sunglasses or round lenses.

5. Accessorize to Look GOOD and Dress WELL

Although, I don’t like chunky accessories that much, occasionally accessorizing and wearing certain styles can benefit me. Pinterest also can serve as a source of inspiration. Additionally, A bag that screens in your face when you’re wearing a simple shirt and statement jewelry will always make you appear brilliant and crazy.

6. New White Shoes

Next, White shoes look good with everything. Invest in quality white so that it will always give your attire a slightly more polished look. Also, Pick just two colors, experiment with them, and settle for white shoes.

7. Hair Care and Skin Care

People who constantly take care of their skin and hair. They always appear good no matter what they are wearing.

  • Hair

To get rid of tangles, brush through straight hair. To remove any tangles in your curly hair, use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb. After that, style your hair loosely around your shoulders, pull it up out of your face, or add a texturizing product to shorter styles to give them shape and definition. To control flyaways, try using a tiny bit of anti-frizz cream or serum. Consider getting a low-maintenance haircut that is incredibly simple to style if you only have a short amount of time in the morning.

  • Skin

To keep your skin clear, wash it twice a day. A tenner amount of face wash should be gently massaged into your skin with your fingertips after wetting your face with lukewarm water. Do not scrub your face harshly! The cleanser should then be removed with warm water. Every morning and every night before you go to bed, repeat this process. After you’ve perspired a lot, you should wash your face as well.

You might want to only use the cleanser once per day, preferably in the evening, if you have dry or sensitive skin. To wash your skin in the morning, simply splash some warm water on your face. Also, to prevent dry skin, stay away from harsh cleansers that list alcohol as an ingredient.

To keep skin hydrated, moisturize after washing your face. Use a fresh towel to gently pat your skin dry after washing your face. Next, apply a pea-sized amount of moisturizer with your fingertips to your entire face. To avoid sun damage, apply a lotion with SPF 20 or higher in the morning.

8. Shapewear

I’m not suggesting wearing very tight Shapewear all the time. Also, Shapewear, on the other hand, will help you feel even more confident if you’re a little bit on the chunkier side and it will alter everything in shape and style also.

Why- Look GOOD and Dress WELL

  • Firstly, Looking well affects how you feel about yourself positively.
  • Secondly, Looking polished gives you a smarter appearance
  • Thirdly, Being well-groomed increases your chances of success
  • Being well-dressed allows you to make a better first impression.
  • Being well-dressed increases your sexual attractiveness.
  • Lastly, You’ll have an easier time if you look good.

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