8 Simple Steps to a Clean Girl Makeup Look

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Clean Girl Makeup Look!

The subject of this article is 8 Simple Steps to a Clean Girl Makeup Look. The clean girl makeup look is trending right now. It’s the elder sister of the no-makeup makeup look. and It’s effortless to do.

Clean Girl Makeup Look: Product List

  1. Primer
  2. Foundation
  3. Concealer
  4. Compact Powder
  5. Cream blush
  6. Bronzer
  7. Highlighter
  8. Mascara

Clean Girl Makeup Look

1. Selfie Primer

This is a very lightweight kind of oil. It is beneficial for all skin types. If you want your foundation smooth and almost bouncy do not miss this product.

How to Apply

You just need to warm this up in between hands. Do not rub it vigorously but just put it down very gently to make sure it gets absorbed into your skin.

2. Foundation

Now, to get that clean girl best you need to use a good foundation. Well, I love using Maybelline and Nykaa foundation as they offer such good quality. They have medium coverage but it looks very natural.


How to Apply

Just take a little bit of foundation on the back of your hand and warm it up again in between hands. it’s ready to move on the skin once it warms up. Then just dot it all over your face but before blending it out with any tool you can use setting spray too. It is totally optional. Just spray it all over the face. Next, use a sponge for a natural look. 

Take a little bit more foundation that already has on the back of your hand and apply it to your neck area. You do need to not take excess foundation.

3. Concealer

Use a little bit of concealer. This is optional if you feel like you don’t need one you can just get away with like a medium coverage foundation or tinted moisturizer then that is also good to go. Well, I love using Maybelline and Nykaa concealer as they offer such good quality. They have medium coverage but it looks very natural.

How to Apply

Just apply in the inner corners where you have the darkest of circles and then on my outer corners just to lift your face. Use the tip of the sponge and start blending all of this out of this concealer. It is effortless to blend out.

4. Compact Powder

I love this compact so much. Pick it up with a flat foundation brush as we need to lock everything in by just picking up a little of that powder and just pat it on under eye, all of the fine lines showing from underneath. Apply it all over your lip’s space area to cover spots.

5. Blush

Girls love blush so much. Make sure it looks very natural, very seamless and again this product itself is quite easy to apply because it’s so easy to blend it looks gorgeous on the skin.

How to Apply

Just pick it up directly with the help of my sponge. You need to take a little bit of it on the tip of the sponge. Start applying it to the hollows of cheeks and push this product into.

6. Bronzer

So, do not go for a heavy bronzer. But something very natural, very sun-kissed. Just make sure that there are no harsh edges whatsoever this wouldn’t show that there’s a seamless best going on that’s perfect for the clean girl look.

How to Apply

Apply a little bit to the forehead and blend all of that. Apply a little bit on the chin area and jawline jaws to make it a little bit more chiseled and the last little bit of this product would go on the nose now.

7. Highlighter

I think this is every girl’s favorite part, using a fan brush and putting on some highlighter.

Do not go for a higher application that is visible from outer space but a highlight that looks more like glowing from within. Also go flat on tip of the nose, on the bridge of the nose, just put up a little bit, and also on the cupid’s bow. So, go for a very tiny amount of product.

8. Mascara

It’s now time to make your lashes look heavy. Just coat the top and bottom lashes. Moreover, Skip false and make sure you are using mascara that adds a lot of length and volume, and all of that your lashes just wiggle your mascara through your lashes.

Why Clean Girl Makeup Look

So, You don’t have to work a lot with it and that’s great for this look because not only this is a clean girl look it’s also easy to do quickly to do an everyday sort of look.

Clean Makeup Look – Tips

  • Firstly, Try to use a sponge to blend the products as it’s effortless to blend all of this with a sponge. Moreover, if you have it in ducts very hard to blend only patches on the skin.
  • Secondly, Pick up products directly on the sponge and then put them on your skin. You can also flat on the back of your hand and then pick it up with your sponge.
  • Thirdly, Always go for a medium application, not so heavy not so light. Make sure you build up the intensity because it’s easier to build up and it’s always more difficult to tone it down.
  • Avoid cleaning overdone when your mascara is wet but once it’s dry that is the right time to get rid of extra flaking from your lashes.
  • Ensure there is no clumping going on the lash. If this is the case, take a clean pulley and just run through your lashes once your mascara has dried down. 
  • Lastly, Make sure there is no creasing happening over there you can choose a fluffy brush to apply Makeup to or you can also use the sponge both of these methods are perfect.

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