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7 Everyday Makeup Essentials You Should Own for Sure – Arllve

I’m frequently asked what Everyday Makeup Essentials I use regularly and what are my go-to everyday basics, so I’m compiling a list of my absolute favorites today. Even though I have a tone more, I only wanted to share a handful with you guys and discuss them here about my usage. I don’t typically get too flashy with my makeup, but that’s what I prefer. In case you guys couldn’t tell, it’s straightforward.

I believe that less is more, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy experimenting with Everyday Makeup Essentials occasionally.

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If you are interested, I thought I may occasionally talk about my favorite hair and/or makeup products and see what you think of them. To be honest, I could utilize all of the items listed below in about 5 minutes if I wanted to, but I tried to focus on my ESSENTIALS for everyday use. I’ve gotten so good at using these Everyday Makeup Essentials. hehe. So, let’s get started.

Everyday Makeup Essentials

  1. Foundation
  2. Powder Blushes by MAC
  3. MAC Lip Liner Pencils
  4. Illuminator Highlighters
  5. BARE SKIN Concealer
  6. Drugstore Mascara
  7. Lipsticks & Lip Gloss

Everyday Makeup Essentials

1. Foundation

I must say, I adore this foundation. Before using this, I hadn’t tried too many Nykaa products, but after using it, I was Completely addicted. All of the Nykaa’s products that I have started using are equally fantastic.

If it makes sense, this foundation is similar to my “getting out” foundation. When I want to look very attractive or for certain occasions, I use this one. That sounds stupid, but don’t we all want to appear our best? 

lol! But in all seriousness, we females enjoy saving our fantastic items for those unique occasions, thus this one fits the bill! I’ve stocked up on it and have an extra bottle in my drawer for when my current one runs out. Is it a little much?

Nope… The secret to this foundation is to set it with a powder after application because it can be a touch glossy at first. Don’t let this hinder you, either! You’ll become addicted!

2. Powder Blushes by MAC

I am a blush Enthusiast in real life. How many people claim they can’t live without their lipstick or mascara? I can’t live without it, though. Without blushing, I feel very exposed. Those who don’t use blush should start doing so right away, I promise it will transform your life. Call me crazy.

Even though I have an absurd amount of blushes from various brands, I have to admit that some of my favorite shades are from MAC, and my all-time favorite shade is MAC Margin.

With a sheen or shimmer that makes the skin glow in ways you can only imagine, it is the most gorgeous peachy-pink shade. People always ask me what blush I’m wearing and where I purchased it when I wear it. 

Everyday Makeup Essentials

Since I hardly ever use any of my other blushes, I constantly feel bad about it. Despite my best efforts, I keep going back to Margin despite trying other blushes. To be honest, it’s an obsession.

3. Lip Liner Pencils

I once neglected to line my lips, and let me tell you what a difference it makes! MAC Lip Liner Pencils The majority of the time now, including lip glosses, I line my lips.

Nowadays, it can be difficult to find truly excellent lip liners, but right now, MAC products are among my favorites. They dissolve quickly on the lips and sharpen like a real pencil, so they endure for a long time.

4. Illuminator Highlighters

Nearly every day, I apply luminizers highlighters above my cheekbones, the tip of my nose, and my cupid’s bow. It doesn’t have a lot of glitters but does give the complexion a little dewy appearance, which I enjoy.

To make it stand out a little more, you can also apply it underneath your brow bone. My current favorite is this one in particular.

5. Mascara

The BEST drugstore mascara I have yet discovered is Maybelline The Falsies Mascara. Make my eyelashes appear to be fake! It costs only about $8, and I haven’t found another budget mascara that can do it as this one does!

6. Concealer

I always use concealer on any imperfections and beneath my eyes. BARE SKIN Concealer I think that’s enough.

7. Lipsticks, Everyday Makeup Essentials

Even though I have a huge collection of lipsticks, I have to admit that MAC Cremesheen lipsticks are among my faves. If that makes sense, they apply smoothly and shine for an appearance that is somewhat glossy without the sheen.

8. Lip Gloss, Everyday Makeup Essentials

My preference for glossier lipsticks is because I don’t LOVE matte lipsticks for everyday use and think they suit me a little bit better.