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Everyone uses a bag on daily basis. It can be of any type, nowadays handbags are more than carry bags. As we run around we need to carry a bag with us. In this article, I’m gonna be discussing All Bags & Handbag Etiquette at  Arllve.

We use different kinds of bags as per the requirement. There are several kinds of bags offered by several brands. Some people love buying branded bags, while some are happy with local bags. Owning a branded bag is not enough to look stylish and classy.

Moreover, Etiquette is not only about what kind of bag to where and how to hold it.  It’s a lot about hygiene as well. Girls Must learn All about Bags & Handbag Etiquette. This includes types of bags, how to carry a bag, How to keep organized, and Must-Have in a bag. 

Handbag Etiquette-Types of Handbags 

  1. Tote bag
  2. A backpack
  3. Belt Bag
  4. Shoulder Bag
  5. Cross Body Bag
  6. Clutch Bag

Types of Handbags & Etiquette

1. Tote Bag

A tote bag is also known as a shopping bag. It can have a definite or indefinite shape. This is the bag that we use the most. It comes with long straps and it is quite voluminous. This bag has s lot of space inside and they are lightweight.

They are not only easy to carry but also great for traveling. You can carry it over your shoulder if people are not around you. In a crowded place, you should carry your bag in hand. So that you do not crash into anyone.

2. A Backpack

Handbag Etiquette

A backpack is another bag that we use quite a lot. Either one is going for a walk or a picnic, a backpack can serve every purpose. As the name suggests a backpack is a bag that is meant to be worn on your back. It is the best bag to carry your stuff when you are carrying a lot of heavy items with you.

It allows your arms to be free. A backpack has two straps to put over both of your shoulders. If it is lightweight, you can just carry it over one of your shoulders.

3. Belt Bag

A belt bag is great for busy people who love taking long walks. It is also known as the fanny pack and has become trendy lately as well. It could be used as an accessory to accentuate your waist and you would carry it around your waist. This is quite small but it can keep all your important items in as your phone, wallet, and documents.

 4. Shoulder Bag

The shoulder bag is the one that I prefer to carry to work as well as to any kind of casual outing. Usually, they come with a regular shape but this could have some irregular shapes as well. It has long straps like this and it’s meant to be worn over your shoulder. 

The straps could be long but they could also be shorter. You could still put those straps around your shoulder, whenever you are carrying this bag make sure you always place it on your left shoulder.  

 5. Cross Body Bag


A crossbody bag is the one that I have been using for a long. They can come in different shapes they don’t visually come very large. As the name suggests cross-body bags are meant to be worn across your body. The best part about this bag is that your hands are free. If you don’t like to accentuate. This bag is perfect to carry around as they do not have any straps.  

6. Clutch Bag

People often refer to this as a clutch but in reality, a clutch could have a strap as well. They could be worn to an evening party, wedding party, or birthday party. They are more formal, always opt for the left hand because that way the right hand would be free to handshake.

You could hold it with both of your hands, either exposing your manicure so the outsider could see your nails or you could gently wrapping your hand around it, both ways are acceptable. Never place your clutch underneath. It is not only unhygienic but also doesn’t look good on you.

Best Three Handbags to Own

If you had to choose three bags, I would suggest you go for Tote Bag, Backpack, and Clutch. These three would make it just enough for you to be ready for any occasion.

Tote Bag

A tote bag that you can use for basic house chores as well as for professional purposes.

Shoulder Bag

Something that you can wear for a business meeting for work and even for some casual dining places.


I would suggest you choose something more versatile that can be used during the evening and daytime.

All about Handbags & Handbag Etiquette

  • Where to Place a Handbag while Dining ??
  • How do keep Handbags Organized ??
  • What is inside My Handbag ??

Etiquette- Where to Place a Handbag while Dining ??

If you’re going to the restaurant and there is a chair that is empty next to you can place your bag over there alternatively. Some fine dining venues will you a hook or a specific little chair designed to hold your bag.

If this is not the case, you can put your bag on the floor, underneath your chair. So, it’s out of sight and reach of the outsiders but also not in the way of the waiter especially when he’s serving you.

Handbag Etiquette – How to keep Organized ??

A beautiful bag that is kept unclean or disorganized, will leave a poor impression on you. At the end of the day, when people meet you for the first time they understand your style and manners by looking at what you were and what you hold. So, make sure you keep your look properly clean, and tidy. 

If you want your bag to look organized make sure that you zip it or keep it closed at times you are not using it. It gives a more definite and organized look to your bag. A special trick that I’m using to keep my bag organized and clean is I’m using a lot of Ziplock bags.

So, I fill it out with a lot of different items. The good thing about this zip lock bag is that you do not get any spills in your bag. It is also very easy when you are transferring your items from one bag to another. 

Handbag Etiquette – What is inside My Handbag ??

I would like to say that I love shoulder bags as they are very comfortable to travel with. They are great for work and good for some casual lunch dates to carry. Despite its quite small size, it’s very spacious.

  • Wallet

I keep one wallet with me always. It includes my Identity Proof, and some cash, debit, and credit cards.

  • Make-up Bag

 I keep some basic makeup products with always. It just includes a body moisturizer, mascara, and lip balm. Whenever I need to go out in hurry, I just use these three products and I am good to go.

  • Notebook

I usually carry a notepad with me so that I can keep track of all my notes. This is an old tendency in this century, I know. Also, I love doing it. It’s a good idea to keep a notebook with you to plan your day.

  • Signature hidden Bag

I have my sanitary items in my Signature hidden Bag because these are personal. If you do not want to reveal some items in your bag you can use the Signature hidden Bag. It will not reveal what’s inside of it. One can use empty sunglasses pouch to serve the purpose. It is small and very useful to hide sanitary items when you are carrying a small bag with you.

  • Miscellaneous

I have my sunglasses, my headphones, a pen, and a little face mask in a zip-lock bag.  In times of coronavirus, we don’t go anywhere without hand sanitizer. So, I keep one hand sanitizer and a water bottle with me. 

Gallery – Handbag Etiquette

So, this was All about Handbags & Bag Etiquette. I hope you liked the article on All about Bags & Handbag Etiquette. All about Bags & Handbag Etiquette.