This is me, Arpana Garg. I was born in the beautiful city of Patiala in India. “Arllve,” my “fashion blog” is my passion.


I hold a marketing master’s degree. My area of specialization is Marketing management at the master’s level. I also possess a number of advanced certifications in digital marketing. Also, I was accepted into Google’s “Fundamentals of Digital Marketing” Foundation Course. I am steadfast, modest, profound, and dedicated as a “Blogger.” Moreover, I identify as a “Fashion Blogger” who is fearless, modest, serious, and constantly up for a challenge. I also became a marketing manager and a PR after pursuing my interests in fashion, lifestyle, and everything related to beauty.

My blog, “Arllve – Fashion & Lifestyle,” aims to inspire everyone.

How can Style and Lifestyle benefit society?

First and foremost, let’s define fashion before even considering its importance.  Simply said, fashion is how we present ourselves through how we dress and style. However, it does include some very significant components, such as trends, fads, buzz, and glamour. Global in scope, fashion also has ties to other cultures and religions.

It’s possible that what is in style in our region is different from what is in the far east. The importance of fashion cannot be overstated—it is fundamental to who we are. Fashion is a personal expression of how we feel about ourselves and the world. There are many tiers and strata to fashion’s importance in society. Since everyone has distinct feelings about what we wear and how

We can get a lot from beauty, including:

  • Sense of satisfaction
  • Taking charge
  • An awareness of reality
  • Esteem and Status
  • Clarity of mind

Because of our way of life and sense of style, people tend to know us right away. Also, Our personality qualities are typically primarily influenced by our sense of style.

My Words for Fashion Blog

In conclusion, I’d like to add that fashion and lifestyle are ways to enhance life and also get things moving.

In the world and society in which we live, people dress in a certain way and elevate their lifestyle to gain respect from others. Lifestyle build a strong and open-mindedness.