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Nail Polish Tips to Save Money!

Nail Polish Tips to Save Money at the Salon – Arllve by Arpana

Years of experimentation have taught me that it’s usually best to leave the majority of beauty-related tasks to the pros, like getting your hair cut and getting highlights. This rule has an exception, right? Own nail painting You can make your DIY manicure appear as if it came from a professional with a few nail polish tips and tricks—even if you’re not a nail artist.

Continue reading for 15 practical nail paint tricks that will prove to you that you don’t need to ask someone else to do your nails.

Nail Polish Tips

Nail Polish

1. Easy Cleanup using Petroleum Jelly

This nail polish hack is not as difficult as painting within the lines. To form a barrier between the lacquer and your skin, first, apply petroleum jelly to your cuticles and the skin surrounding your nails. You can remove the petroleum jelly and any polish mistakes from your nails after painting them.

2. Apply two Coats of Base Coat

Apply two coats of base coat to your nails, one on the top half and the other covering the full nail, to prevent the tips of your painted nails from prematurely chipping. The top half of your nails should be covered in the first coat of base coat polish. Apply a second coat of polish once the first has dried. But this time make sure to completely cover the nail. 

3. Apply a White Base Coat of Nail Polish

The natural color of your fingernails may wind up affecting the color of your manicure if your nail paint isn’t very opaque. The natural color of your fingernails may wind up affecting the color of your manicure if your nail paint isn’t very opaque. Put on a layer of white nail polish first, then cover it with your colored polish to bring out the real color of the paint.

4. Make Nail Art Stencils out of Office Supplies

If you’re not a professional nail artist, it’s likely that you don’t have a kit loaded and ready to go anytime you feel like trying your hand at nail painting. You can get creative and get by with what you have if you have extra office or school materials, though. For instance: For a half-moon manicure, paper hole reinforcement stickers work best as stencils.

Use your finger or a dotter tool to press each sticker into place at the base of your nail, right above the cuticle. Use the sticker as a guide while you paint the initial coat onto each nail. Each nail should then have a second coat of polish applied before the sticker is carefully removed.

5. Clear Tape To Draw Sharp Lines

Although nail striping tape would certainly make things a lot simpler, if you don’t have any on hand, use your standard Scotch tape. For a significant manicure, you can either apply the tape straight to your bare nail or, for a two-toned effect, cut out fun shapes from the tape. Adhere them to already-painted nails before adding a second coat of contrasting nail color. Allow it to dry for a moment, then, for the finished effect, take both tape ends and slowly peel them back together.

6. Make Usage Eyeliner as a Nail Art Tool

Use the tip of a pencil eyeliner or lip liner to apply tiny nail art accents like rhinestones to your nails if your fingers or tweezers are too wide to pick up and place tiny jewels. It won’t interfere with your design and is tacky enough to grab the diamond from above. Genius!

7. Use a Rubber Band to Simplify French tips

Is there no striping brush? It’s no issue. Tie a rubber band in the centre of the object. To tighten the band, loop one end around your thumb. To form a French-tip shape, lay the other end over the top of your nail slightly below the edge. Paint the tip of your nail using the rubber band’s edge as a guide. After which, carefully take off the band and give it time to dry before applying a top coat to seal it.

8. Design your Own Nail Shade

Use transparent nail polish and powder eyeshadow to create a fresh nail paint shade after you’ve had enough of your current colours. Simply pour a small amount into a spoon from an eyeshadow pigment that would provide for a better nail colour. After that, polish it with some clear polish. Combine everything, then use a brush to apply your new colour. By mixing in additional clear polish or more pigment, you can change the shade of your new polish. 

9. A Water Cup to Produce a Stylish Marbling Effect.

This nail art look (which doesn’t require a single brush) is for you if you’re just trying to figure out how to paint on a simple layer of nail polish without putting it all over your hands. Select an accent finger first, then tape your skin’s edges beneath and around your nail. Next, put filtered, room-temperature water in a tiny paper cup. Pick up two separate paints and alternately drop a few drops of each color into the water in the cup. After you’ve added a few droplets, take an open paper clip and swirl the layers together with the tip to make the desired design.

Next, insert your finger into the cup so that the paint layer is facing your nail. Use your paper clip to pry the remaining paint from your finger after holding it in the cup for a short while. After that, slowly take your finger out of the water and take off the tape to neat up the corners.

10. Ice your Wet Nails

Ice water can be very beneficial when it comes to speeding up the drying process for your nail polish. But hot water is not recommended. As it can cause your nail plate to grow and your lacquer to crack as a result). Put your painted nails in a dish with some ice and water, and soak them there for a few minutes. Your nails will dry more quickly and the cold water will set the paint.

11. Make Use of Foil to Remove Sticky Polish

If you want to keep your manicure looking great for a very long time, glitter nail polish is your best friend. However, it is also your worst adversary when attempting to remove it because it is incredibly difficult to do so. To make things simpler, try this nail paint trick. Wrap your nails in cotton that has been dipped in nail polish remover, then fasten them with squares of foil.

Moreover, After five minutes, remove the foil covers from your fingertips while also sloughing off the cotton. It will readily remove your polish as well.

12. Avoid shaking your Nail Polish Bottle 

Have you ever noticed how many small air bubbles there are beneath the surface? Isn’t that the worst? Simply stop shaking your nail polish bottle before painting to avoid bubbles. Instead, move your hands back and forth while holding the bottle in between your palms to mix the polish.

13. Hot Water to Dissolve a Sticky Nail Polish 

Isn’t it true that only your favorite nail polishes freeze shut? Put the nail paint bottle upside down in a cup rather than sobbing about having to throw it away. Just enough hot water should be added to the cup to cover the lid without completely soaking the paint bottle. So that hot water can tamper with the consistency of the polish. Open the loosening lid after a few minutes, take the nail paint bottle out of the cup.

14. Rubber Band to Improve Grip

Try the rubber band approach if you need a better grip while painting your nails or you’re trying to unscrew a tight lid. Your nail polish bottles’ handles should be securely fastened with a wide rubber band. Your grip will be much better with the rubber than it would be with the standard, slick plastic handle when you are twisting and moving things around.

Apply a small amount of petroleum jelly with a cotton swab to the ridges on the nail paint bottle’s lip. When you use the lid again, it will be simpler to open since the jelly will stop the paint from drying to the lid.

15. Nail Polish Stickers

With a few stickers and swatches, you can quickly arrange your nail polish collection, even if it rivals that of a salon. Punch a hole in the paint sample, attach it to an adhesive file folder label, and place it on top of the nail polish container. Do this again for each polish you have, then put them all in a box and keep them somewhere cool and dry.

Conclusion – Nail Polish

So, I hope you liked the article. As these tips are extremely practical and easy and one can easily opt this hacks and have the best looking and well polished nails at home.